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Common Questions People Have

What makes United Indoor Advertising work?
United Indoor Advertising gives you a captive audience. You have 1-4 minutes of your prospective audience’s time while they are physically idle, yet mentally engaged without any interruptions or distractions. Compare that to a mere 3-5 seconds you will get from conventional printed advertising, not to mention they can’t change the channel or turn the page.
How can I advertise with United Indoor Advertising?
Advertising with United Indoor Advertising is simple, easy and most importantly, affordable. The first step would be to fill our customer questionaire. We will create an ad for you, or use an ad you already have. We will sit down with you, establish who your target market is and how we can most effectively reach that demographic. It’s really simple. We do all the work for you and you will receive all the new business.
Can United Indoor Advertising reach my target market?
Absolutely. With United Indoor Advertising, you can narrow your focus to target by lifestyle, gender, zip code, age, and income range. As a result, you will spend less of your advertising dollars and still reach a higher percentage of your target market.
Can I choose where my ad is placed?
Yes, assuming that there is an available spot in the location that you would like. All ad spots are available on a “first come, first served” basis. If you decide later that you want to relocate your ad to a different spot, then you can do that too! Just make sure you let us know before the 20th of the month prior of the change so we can take care of it.
What are the dimensions of the ads?
The dimensions are 8.5" x 11", 11" x 17", and 17" x 22" with no bleed. Our designs are full color, magazine quality ads.
In what format do you need me to provide the graphics?
Well, you can go one or two ways. If you want to provide your artwork digitally, we prefer 300 dpi or 3 megapixel (minimum) ‘jpeg’ image(s). If you’re not so computer savvy, we can use quality printed photos or artwork.
What if I don’t have a current ad?
We will create an ad for a one time fee of $300. All we need is your logo, a graphic image, and the information that you would like to convey on your ad.

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