Why Indoor Ads Work

United Indoor Advertising is a marketing company that specializes in targeting a captive audience and getting results. How do we do that? With indoor billboards strategically installed behind stall doors in women’s washroom and above urinals in the men’s washroom to achieve maximum visibility.

Actions Taken

Not only do indoor ads get noticed and read, but they are also very effective at driving young urban consumers to take action in a very short amount of time (within 3 months). In fact, indoor advertising is an excellent medium to drive consumers to visit a website or a store as well as to incite them to purchase or seek more information about a brand.

Visited Promoted Website
Visit Advertised Store
Purchased New Product
Purchased Existing Product
Likely To Catch Attention
Motivated To Read Ad
Are Innovative
Are Cool

Catches Attention

One of the reasons indoor advertising is so successful at driving young urban consumers to take action is that this type of medium is extremely well perceived by this segment. A recent study conducted in bars shows that 18 to 34-year-olds think that indoor ads are innovative and cool. They also agree that this type of board is likely to catch their attention and motivates them to read or look at the ad.

“If you went to the restroom three times, you’d read it again and again. Not only can indoor billboards reach a very discerning customer, but they’ve got that customer’s undivided attention.” —Inc.

Still not convinced?
Here's 10 more reasons why you should advertise with us:

1. Captive Audience

Indoor Advertising strategically placed in restrooms are actually seen and read 95-100% of the time! Compared to traditional media, indoor advertising cannot be skipped or overlooked by the consumer; it is in front of them as they go into the restroom, and the restroom advertising will still be there when they return.

2. Unique and Eye Catching

Talk about unconventional! With the traditional media saturating the market, businesses in the Coastal Empire are looking for other ways to advertise that will attract attention to their products or services. Indoor Advertising does this by being placed in unconventional locations where consumers would expect it the least.

3. Targets Specific Demographics

Indoor advertising gives these businesses an edge against their competitors because of the vast amount of consumers that they reach. These ads have the ability to target specific groups such as age, lifestyle, zip code, income range, and gender.

4. Works for Many Businesses

Establishments that have something to offer, may it be a product or a service, are constantly figuring out ways to further their demographic reach. Indoor Advertising does just that; it is a tool for such businesses to create and develop their brand image, expanding their reach to different consumers that have the need for their product or service.

5. Location Variety

From marinas to golf courses, fitness centers and restaurants, these ads are taking over the Coastal Empire! United Indoor Advertising can be seen in over 30 locations in the Coastal Empire area alone with such varieties to really target a specific audience that the business needs.

6. Affordable and Effective

This innovative approach to advertising is actually considered to be one of the most economical forms of media. With large corporations spending tens of thousands to millions of dollars on traditional media, Indoor Advertising costs less than $2.50 per 1000 viewers.

7. Increases Brand Recognition

A consumer may not necessarily need that particular product or service seen on the ad at that moment, but they see the name of the business and it gets instilled in their minds. The next time they do have a need, they will automatically have that product or service’s name in mind.

8. Attention Grabbing

A picture is indeed worth a thousand words! Because of the visual nature of indoor advertising, people are more likely to remember what they see than a small blurb in the newspaper or the phonebook. The colors, pictures and catchy quotes come together as a whole to deliver an image that their viewers will not soon forget.

9. Increased Viewing Time

Television and radio commercials on average are 30 seconds long, but there is also a possibility that their audience will switch the channels or stations and entirely miss the message. Newspaper, phone book and magazine advertisements can have the attention of the consumers but it is so easy to just turn the page and move on. Indoor Advertising, on the other hand, has the complete attention of their audience.

10. Indoor Advertising works!

Of course, it does, and it will work for you. It is the new frontier of advertising, going where no advertising media has gone before. Indoor advertising is on point, on focus and will truly expand the audience of any business willing to try a medium that is unique and effective.

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