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Why Indoor Ads Work in Savannah, Georgia

Had a positive or
neutral reaction
Recalled seeing
specific ads
Of previous group name advertisers w/o prompting
Recalled specific ads & named up to 4 selling points
According to separate studies by Barbour and Monroe Marketing Research, Arizona State University and Rice University

What We Do

United Indoor Advertising is a marketing company that specializes in targeting a captive audience and getting results. How do we do that? With indoor billboards strategically installed behind stall doors in women’s washroom and above urinals in the men’s washroom to achieve maximum visibility.

We GUARANTEE a captive audience for 30 seconds to 4 minutes. Restroom advertising is proven to work. Indoor Advertising strategically placed in restrooms are actually seen and read 95-100% of the time! Compared to traditional media, indoor advertising cannot be skipped or overlooked by the consumer; it is in front of them as they go into the restroom, and the restroom advertising will still be there when they return.

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